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We provide quality lodging with a personal touch – every attempt will be made to give each of our guests individual love and attention during their stay with us.

Rates & Payment

Lodging rates are calculated on a per night basis. Payment in full is expected when your pet is picked-up.

Feline Lodging
Monday - Sunday

  • $31/night (single unit)
  • $57/night (double unit)

Canine Lodging
Monday - Sunday

  • Base cost is: $45/night (single unit)

Diabetic Boarding

We do not lodge diabetic pets.

Check-In Times
3pm – 5pm

Check-Out Times
8am – 10am
**An additional fee of $14 (cats)and $19 (dogs) will be applied for checking in prior to the check-in time.
**An additional fee of $14 (cats & exotics) and $19 (dogs) will be applied for checking out later than the check-out time.
**An additional fee of $2.50 per day will be applied for Medication Administration. Veterinary Technician medication administration: $5 up-charge. Supplements and Vitamins will be counted as medications and the fee will apply. All medications must be in their original container.

Extra Options for Canine Lodging

Access to Lodging Camera

+$5/night surcharge. Camera units must be requested at the time the lodging reservation is made and access information will be provided at the time of check-in.

  • Bear Level (light activity): +$0/night surcharge, normal walks but no extended playtime.
  • Deer Level (moderate activity): +$6/night surcharge, additional 15-20 minutes to 3rd playtime of the day.
  • Chipmunk Level (high activity): +$10/night surcharge, 1 additional session (20-30 min. each) in play area.
Boarding Pricing $practice